Training is necessary in Change Management, and Bluekore prides itself in delivering high quality training that boosts usage of Google tools.

As your partner, we work with clients to deliver the best bespoke training on G Suite (Google Apps) based on product focus. Educational institutions and businesses have benefited from our training sessions through:


Increased adoption of the Google Apps products

Better collaboration on the Google Drive platform

Savings on productivity software licenses

Savings on website creation through the use of Google Sites

Timely resolution of issues through the Hangouts and Gmail tools

Increased classroom collaboration

We have various options to train your staff on how to use the Google tools to make it stick.



Our custom classroom training boosts your usage of Google tools. We deliver the training with real examples based on the participant audience, and inspire meaningful discussion of how transformation will be executed within the organization.



Through the use of Hangouts on Air, we deliver training to more people in the organization, right on their desks. We also use this to train your employees remotely and provide a recording for them to be able to get back to the lessons they most want to master.



As a professional development partner of Google, Bluekore holds training sessions to assist your innovators and champions within the organization to get certified. Learn more about Professional Development.

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