Change management can:

Help ensure a seamless transition for your team when you switch to G Suite

Address the concerns your team may have about changing what they’re used to

Help your team become more productive, faster

Effective change management can benefit you in three areas:

Your organization benefits from:

A higher ROI

A higher ROI when you invest in excellent change management: 143% with change management vs. 35% without change management.*

A more flexible organization

A more flexible organization that performs better in a rapidly changing business environment.

Your team benefits from:

A more collaborative user community

A more collaborative user community because sharing is easier.

Increased team productivity

Increased team productivity because people know how to work together better with G Suite (Google Apps).

Your employees benefit from:

Improved user acceptance

Improved user acceptance because resistance is addressed through user engagement.

Increased personal productivity

Increased personal productivitybecause they will know how to work effectively with G Suite (Google Apps).


We help ready your team to understand the change impacts and what areas they are most uncomfortable with. This will help us design the best approach for marketing the change internally in your organization


We believe in early communication, and we provide templates to make sure that your workforce understands what will happen, what they have to prepare for, and what the timelines are for the change.


We provide custom training to make it stick. We focus on the areas most affected and the people that will become the ambassadors of change to make your organization more collaborative.


Ready to enhance productivity for your organization?